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Viking Pale Ale Malt via MoreBeer

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Viking Pils is a traditional European Pilsner malt with a delicate malt sweetness that gives your lagers that extra something special. Viking Pils is the perfect base for all lagers and essential for Pilsners, Helles, Marzen, Bock, Vienna Lager, etc.

When your making light lagers most brewers want the pils base malt to provide a bit of maltiness. It can be the difference between boring beer and amazing beer. We have gotten great feedback from pro brewers and many have switched to Viking after trying it.

We also have several craft breweries using this malt for the commercial production of light colored Pales, IPA’s, and Hazys. When compared to our Viking Xtra Pale the flavor of the Pils malt is just a bit lighter. Some brewers love this for their really light colored ales that are bursting with hop flavors.

Viking Malt is one of the largest malting companies in the world and the largest roaster of specialty malts. They are the main malt supplier to the famous Carlsberg brewery. Viking is not well known in the USA because they haven’t had good US distribution. Because MoreBeer! and MoreBeer! Pro is directly importing thousands of tons of malt we are stoked to offer you Northern European malt quality from one of the best malting companies in the world at lower than domestic malt pricing.

Viking Malt has 6 malthouses in areas where distinctive Nordic barley are sourced: in Halmstad, Sweden; Vordingborg, Denmark; Lahti, Finland; Panevezys, Lithuania and in Sierpc and Strzegom, Poland. The advantage of northern European malt is lower protein levels, good kernel size, and less amount of pesticides used due to the cold winters.
Malt Specification:

Moisture % – max. 5.0
Extract fine % dm – min. 80.0
Color °L – 1.7-2.0
Protein % dm – max. 11.5
Sol. nitrogen mg/100 g – 600–750
Free amino nitrogen mg/l – 130–170
Beta-glucan mg/l – max. 200
Friability % – min. 80


  • As of this posting, the 10 lb unmilled offering is selling for $10.99.  Buy 5 of these and you’ll have 50 lbs of grain.
  • To sweeten the deal… shipping is free with a qualifying $59 order to many US addresses.
  • FREE Shipping DOES Work: I typically get questions/concerns when I post this workaround, please read… Although bags of grain do not ship under MoreBeer’s free shipping program… this is a loophole of sorts.  I chose the largest size that DOES ship for free.  If you use this technique you will receive 5 x 10 lb bags of grain, not a single 50 lb sack.
  • Easy Filler Item: If you’re looking for a filler item to help qualify for free shipping, that’s easy… more grain.

Viking Pilsner Malt – choose 10 lb, unmilled offering

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