Safbrew BE-256 Dry Belgian Yeast

Safbrew BE-256 Dry Brewing Yeast 11.5 grams

Safbrew BE-256 Dry Brewing Yeast 11.5 grams

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

  • Belgian yeast strain for reproducing Abbey-style beers
  • Has complex flavor, estery aroma and high alcohol tolerance
  • Ferments quickly with high attenuation rate

Yeast recommended to brew Belgian Abbey type beers known for their high alcohol content. It ferments very fast and reveals subtle and well-balanced aromas. Abbey yeast is perfect for a wide range of beers including low alcohol session style beers to higher alcohol beers like Belgian Abbey styles and IPA’s. Fermentation Temperature 58-68F (Higher temperatures up to 77°F will result n higher ester production)

Safbrew BE-256 Dry Brewing Yeast 11.5 grams

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