The Brew Bag – End of Summer Sale… Free Shipping

The Brew Bag BIAB

The Brew Bag is a Made in the USA, purpose designed BIAB bag.  It has four loops for lifting the bag out of your kettle, every seam is reinforced for long life and it is available in a number of sizes for kettles, keggles and coolers.  If they don’t carry the size you want, The Brew Bag will custom make it for you.

I use The Brew Bag myself and it works very well. Check out my Hands on Review.

For a short time, coupon code D4XXT1QYFD1S gets you free shipping on up to 2 brew bags.  If you order more (let’s say add in a new BIAB Pulley setup) just add “$4.90 Discount” in the order comments box and you’ll receive a refund in that amount.

Check it out – Here – Remember Promo Code D4XXT1QYFD1S

UPDATE: This promo code is expired.  Check out our coupons page for current deals

Check out  My BIAB Water Calculation Spreadsheet with narrative directions.  It makes figuring water temps and amounts easy,

Check sale or product page for current availability & pricing

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  1. da kine

    Thanks for the tip! I just accidentally burned my mesh bag and was looking for a new one and this should work great. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the brew bag.


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