20% Off March High Flow Pumps – $127.96 Shipped

March High Flow H315HF at MoreBeer.com

MoreBeer just announced a 20% Off Sale on their High Flow H315HF March Pump.  The 20% discount brings it down to $127.96.  It also ships for free.  Use promo/coupon code PUMPITUP20 to get the discount.

This is the pump I use.  I use it for vorlaufing/recirculating, transferring from my mash tun to brew kettle, chilling with a recirculating wort chiller and transferring to my fermenter.  I have it mounted in my Blichmann TopTier Stand using the Pump Mounting Bracket.  It works great!

This pump has been featured a bunch of times on HBF.  I had to go back to January of 2013 to find a lower price ($124.95).  This is a great deal.

Check sale or product page for current availability & pricing

March High Temperature Brewing Pump High Flow H315HF – $127.96 + Free Shipping

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