12″ Stainless False Bottom w/Silicone Lip & Pickup Tube – $39.99

12″ Stainless Steel False Bottom from William’s Brewing.  Use in the bottom of your compatible 10 gallon cooler for use as a mash tun.  This model has a couple of unique features.  First, there is a silicone lip around the outside to protect your cooler and prevent scratches.  Second this has a 3/4″ wort pickup tube in the bottom to help reduce wort loss due to dead space below the false bottom.

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from William’s Brewing… This 12″ concave type 304 stainless false bottom features a 3/8″ stainless hose barb coming out the top for attachment to your cooler or pot valve (via high temperature thermoplastic tubing).

Now improved, with a silicone lip that both prevents cooler scratches and firmly plants the false bottom on the floor of the cooler, preventing shifting. It also includes a ¾” wort pickup tube on its underside, which is positioned ¼” from the cooler bottom when in place, high enough to prevent clogging, but low enough to draw wort from a very low point in the cooler, maximizing efficiency.

This 12″ model is custom designed to fit Igloo and Rubbermaid 10 gallon coolers. Order a foot of our J50 3/8″ thermoplastic tubing to fit this hose barb. You can attach this hose to the inside of a R45 Brewer’s Edge KettleValve with an S37 3/8″ stainless nipple.


As of this posting, this is selling for $39.99.  Check William’s Brewing for up to the minute price and availability


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