Reader Tip: Case of 24 Cobalt Blue Bottles

Thanks to HBF Reader Michael for this tip!

Case of (24) 12 ounce Cobalt Blue Bottles.

24 12oz Cobalt Blue Long Neck Crown Top Beer Bottles

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4 thoughts on “Reader Tip: Case of 24 Cobalt Blue Bottles

  1. Anonymous

    Blue bottles skunk beer much worse than green bottles. Worst beer bottle color. Now you are gonna say what about Bud platinum. They use hop oils that have been treated to never skunk.

    1. Anonymous

      Agreed. Clear or (even worse) blue bottles will skunk your beer in minutes or seconds even just indoors. Blue bottles is beyond a terrible idea unless you never let them outside of the basement and never turn the lights on. God help you if you send them to a comp.


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