20% Off TILT Wrench for TILT Bluetooth Hydrometers

Tilt Wrench for Standard Tilt Hydrometer

TILT Wrench with Bottle Opener

Change your Tilt hydrometer’s battery with ease. The Tilt wrench is a tool for removing the cap so you can change the battery or calibrate your Tilt in water. The rubber over-mold keeps the plastic cap scratch and dent free while the handle gives you leverage to remove even the hardest to-turn caps. As a bonus, the product doubles as a bottle cap remover. Does not work with the Tilt Pro hydrometer.

Why the TILT is Awesome: Hands on Review: Tilt Bluetooth Fermentation Hydrometer!

Most TILT items do not qualify, but the wrench/bottle opener does. I’ve found that if you add any qualifying item to your cart the discount applies to any other item in your cart. So you could conceivably buy a TILT and a wrench and get 20% off the TILT. That may change at any time.

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TILT Wrench for Standard TILT Bluetooth Hydrometers

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