2 x 6″ x 50′ Rolls FoodVacBags Vacuum Bags – 100 Feet Total [Hop Storage and More] + Recent Hop Finds

 Roll over image to zoom in 2 FoodVacBags 6" X 50' Rolls 4 mil Vacuum Sealer Bags

2 FoodVacBags 6″ X 50′ Rolls 4 mil Vacuum Sealer Bags

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This unique 6″ wide 50′ long roll of vacuum sealer bag material allows you to cut whatever size bag you need. The small width is perfect for snack size portions or long thin items like fish fillets or jerky. These are excellent replacement rolls for any brand of vacuum sealing system, including Cabela’s, FoodsaverTM, Seal-a-Meal and more! Our heavy-duty, 4 mil, embossed bag is super tough, yet pliable enough to wrap tightly around whatever you are sealing. The embossed pattern on one side of these strong rolls channels air out of the bag and away from your food, prolonging its lifespan up to 5 times longer than traditional storage methods and eliminating freezer burn. FoodVacBagsTM – Better Bags for Less.


Note from HBF: Use to store hops, grain, other brewing ingredients and more.

2 FoodVacBags 6″ X 50′ Rolls 4 mil Vacuum Sealer Bags

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