2 x 1 Gallon Glass Jars [Kombucha, Small Fermenters, Star San Storage]

Highlighted Features
  • These gallon glass jars with lids wide mouth have a 4-1/3" (110mm) diameter opening.
  • Use your 1 gallon jar as a gallon glass canning jar with lid.
  • A one gallon mason jar is great as a gallon pickle jar. These are large mason jars wide mouth 128 oz
  • This extra large mason jar is perfect to use as fermenting jars.
  • This one gallon glass jar with lid is perfect to use as a kimchi jar.

Possible homebrew uses… Small batch fermenter (beer, wine, kombucha), store Star San [Related: Star San Tips, Tricks and Guidelines], use for yeast starters, ingredient storage or general storage around your homebrewery and beyond.

Large Glass Jars with Lid – Wide Mouth 1 Gallon Glass Jar with Lid – Glass Gallon Jar for Kombucha & Sun Tea – Gallon Mason Jars are Large Glass Jars with Lids 1 Gallon for Food Storage – Large Jars with Airtight Plastic Lids 2 Pack – note, different versions of this may be available, as such a different variation may show up at this product link

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