170 lbs Briess Two Row Barley – $151.73, 89 cents/lb – equivalent to $45 per 50 lb sack AND Free Shipping

  • Bulk grain deals are hard to come by: It’s tough to find deals on full sacks of grain.  The per lb price on full sacks of grain is usually pretty great.  The downside is online sellers generally do not ship this for free or for a flat rate.  You still may do okay paying calculated shipping, but many times the shipping costs negate and per lb savings.
  • Save $30 at MoreBeer!  – remember promo code EZ30
  • MoreBeer has 10 lbs of Briess 2 Row for $10.69.  That is the largest size that still qualifies for free shipping to addresses in the contiguous US.  If you buy 17 x 10 lbs, you’re total would be $181.73.  Coupon code EZ30 will make it $151.73. This figures to about 89 cents per lb and equates to about $44.62 per 50 lb bag and you still get free shipping.  You can easily mix and match and pick up multiple malt varieties in 10 lb increments and come about close to the same.
  • Yes, free shipping does work.  Bags of grain do not qualify for free shipping from MoreBeer.  However… 10 lb bags do.  If you get in on this deal you will get 17 x 10 lb bags of grain,

Brewers 2 Row Malt | MoreBeer Complete Malt Selection | Sale Details – remember promo code EZ30

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