15% Off Stainless Steel Cam Lock QDs at Valuebrew

homebrew disconnect dealI’ve used Cam Lock Quick Disconnects on my kettles, mash tun, pumps and tubing for years.  They’ve worked great for me.  I put male connectors kettles, mash tuns and pumps and use female connectors for tubing.  Standardizing on this (or the opposite) means you can use tubing as jumpers and always have the availability to connect your gear.

These are made from Stainless Steel and are available in lots of configurations.  Those are classified by Type and Size.  Type may mean something in “commercial cam lock fitting circles”, but I was initially confused by this.  Types are akin to model numbers.  For example, Type A is Female NPT to Male Cam and Groove.

As of this posting coupon code camlockdeal saves you 15% on Valuebrew’s lineup of Stainless Steel Cam Locks.

Camlock Disconnects

Also: Camlock QDs at PFD + coupon code BREW10 for 10% off

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