Beer Filtration System and Hop Randall via Adventures in Homebrewing

Beer Filtration System

Beer Filtration System via Adventures in Homebrewing

About: “This filtration system allows you to push beer between two cornelius style kegs to clarify your final product more quickly. The filter and disconnects (DISCONNECTS ARE OPTIONAL) connect to the 3′ beer lines on each side with a stainless steel MFL connection making the line multifunctional. The 1 micron filter can only be used once so we have an option to buy additional filters.”

A 9 7/8″ stainless steel filtration unit is available as a add on.  The add on allows this to function both as a beer filtration system and as a Hop Randall.  A hop randall adds flavor and aroma to your beer at the time of serving and is installed inline as part of your draft system.  Typically you would use whole leaf hops in a hop randall.

Beer Filtration System and Hop Randall

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