2 x 20 Gallon Fermenters and a 24 Gallon Wine Kit – Discounted Shipping

From Label Peelers: “Are you stepping up your production? Do your friends suck down your wine as fast as you can make it? Then think about going with a 24 gallon kit! Save money, time and effort doing bigger batches. Take a look at all the options you have to choose from.

Need a bigger fermenter solution? Try the economical option of 2 x 20 gallon fermenters. We can nest the two fermenters together and place your wine kit inside of them. Our online store is not able to discount your shipping properly so we will have to credit you for the extra shipping it will charge you. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you would like to know how much shipping it will cost you simply add one of the 20 gallon fermenters w/ lid to your cart and estimate your shipping. That amount will be a good estimate of your shipping cost and we will refund you for any over charges our online store makes.”

My read on this is – Buy a 24 gallon wine kit and two 2 gallon fermenters and the wine kit ships for free.  The site doesn’t properly account for this, so Label Peelers will manually refund the difference.  If you want an estimate of your actual shipping charges, use the online calculator with just the fermenters in your cart.  Check with Label Peelers for current availability.

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