New Brewer’s Reserve Kits! – Temple of Rye Imperial Porter & Tank Seven

Great Fermentations has released a new round of Brewer’s Reserve Recipe Kits.  The Brewer’s Reserve series of beer kits are limited availability and available (while supplies last) in both all grain and extract versions.

Temple of Rye Imperial Porter. from Great Fermentations… “WHISKEY AND BEER.  A couple of years ago we got a 64 gallon barrel that had been used to age Templeton Rye Whiskey, and thought to ourselves: “Hey, why don’t we put some homebrew in this here wood thingy?!?!” We were a bit worried as this was one of our first forays into barrel aging, but several months later, and after numerous “taste tests” we had ourselves an AWESOME barrel aged Imperial Porter.”

“Tank Steven”/Tank Seven Clone. from Great Fermentations… “Tank Steven is a big, hoppy farmouse ale strikingly similar to a commercially-available farmhouse ale with a name that’s one letter off. Our Tank Steven gives you a great fruitiness up front from the aromatic hops and yeast, and then setles into a pleasant spiciness on the back. Warming, this beer drinks surprisingly smoothly considering the ABV! In addition to grains, this recipe includes Belgian golden candi syrup to dry out the beer and give it a bump in alcohol. A blend of citrusy hops come in late in the boil to add unique grapefruit flavors and aromas to the finish! If you are a fan of the original commercial version, you’ll have to try this delicious farmhouse ale!”

These kits are limited edition and limited availability.

Brewer’s Reserve Recipe Kits

Bundles With: $8.99 Flat Rate Shipping


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