Anova Immersion Circulator – Touch Screen Heat Stick… $111.75 Shipped at Target!


The Anova Precision Cooker Immersion Circulator is a touch screen heat stick with an integrated recirculation pump.  Set your desired temperature on the touch screen.  The Anova heats as necessary and has a circulation pump to ensure that temperatures are uniform.  Adjustable clamp and Stainless Steel Skirt.

Brewing uses could include: getting and keeping strike water at temp, direct use (with a filter bag in a mash tun or BIAB mash), maintaining temperature for sour mashes and getting to a boil more quickly (or helping to maintain a boil) for both all grain and extract batches.

I have a different model from Anova, the Anova One.  Check out my First Looks Post on the Anova One.

As of this posting Target has this for $149.  Use coupon code KITCHEN and the price drops to just $111.75.  Shipping to most US addresses is free.  Check Target’s website for up to the minute product and promo availability.

Anova Sous Vide Bluetooth Precision Cooker at Target

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One thought on “Anova Immersion Circulator – Touch Screen Heat Stick… $111.75 Shipped at Target!

  1. William S Tuttle

    Nice find, I’ve been watching for a price drop for a while. Picking one up today. Going to help with BIAB steeping temps during winter brew days. Hmm, wondering now how I could make a foam kettle lid to help with heat retention, with cutout for the Anova, and the spring clamps I use to hold the bag in place. Just thinking out loud, and it would only be during the mash, not when the burner’s on.

    Thanks again for all you do!!



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