2015 Crop Hop Pre-Order! – Save 35% + 50% Off Clearance Hops


Label Peelers 2015 Crop Hop Pre-Order is on.  We reported about this a day or two ago.  Since, more varieties have been added and the official announcement has come.

from Label Peelers:

Pre Order And Save – Hop Pre Order – 35% OFF

Pre-order your 2015 hops, and guarantee you will have them for your brews in the money saving pound size. We have expanded our pre order selection this year to all of the hops that have sold out in pound sizes. Don’t miss getting yours in the pound size and the savings that come with buying in bulk.

Pre-orders will be shipped as soon as they are collected from the field, processed, and arrive at our warehouse. With agricultural product, such as hops, we can not supply a specific ship date, but historically we have received them most times between November to the very end of December. This is not is not a guarantee that order fulfillment will happen between those dates.

Varieties include: Amarillo, Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic, Simcoe, Centennial, Falconer’s Flight, Falconer’s Flight 7 C’s, Magnum, Mt Hood, Palisade, US Perle, Sterling, US Tettnang, Warrior, Willamette and Zythos

Check out the full selection – Label Peelers 2015 Crop Hop Pre-Order – Save 35%

Also going on at Label Peelers50% Off over 25 hops. from Label Peelers “These hops have been stored in a controlled climate, and Hop Union packages them in a UV blocking, nitrogen purged, state of the art package. We have been using them in our personal brews, and we also have opened and checked samples for freshness. We were very surprised at how well the Hop Union packaging preserves the hops. All that aside we are offering a money back, no questions asked freshness guarantee. No risk, simply a great deal on some great hops.”

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One thought on “2015 Crop Hop Pre-Order! – Save 35% + 50% Off Clearance Hops

  1. Johny

    Last year I noticed several companies were distributing their hops when i was still waiting for my pre order…. I did not recieve my hops until mid JANUARY… and the same 35% sale was happening when i received them…FYI


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