German Made, Flow Control Beer Gun Faucet – $49.95

Flow Control Beer Gun Faucet

Description: This Flow control beer gun is designed to deliver beer fast and foam free at your event or party. It is an extremely well made!

  • Flow control allows you to dispense beer fast and foam free, you can also use shorter hose length and 1/4″ hose length for faster flow. The flow control valve will allow you to restrict the beer flow and control foam, so beer length and I.D. is not important! (you can even use the braided soda style hose if you prefer).
  • Extremely high quality German Made Product. Made for Commercial use in large volume event settings (or to deliver your homebrew at a party with Perfection!)
  • Easy to use and simple to take apart and clean.
  • Parts made from NSF approved Plastics and Stainless Steel. Sanitary/food service grade product.

I’ve had two of these for years.  The retailer I picked them up from has since stopped carrying them.  I’m glad to see Keg Connection has picked up this great product.

This hand held faucet has built in flow control.  Variable flow control means you can change the resistance that this faucet provides.  That’s great for high carbonation beers and it also means less tubing.

Flow Control Faucet – $49.95 + Flat Rate Shipping

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