10 Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans

10 Madagascar Bourbon Planifolia Extract Grade B Vanilla Beans

10 Count Grade B Bourbon Planifolia Vanilla Beans.

You can add this right to your homebrew or soak them in alcohol to make an extract and add that to your homebrew.  I added a few vanilla beans to RiteBrew’s Oatmeal Stout – I split them, scraped the inside and put them inside a sanitized hop bag right in the keg – and it turned out great.  However you end up doing it, you probably want to add these later in the process rather than earlier.  Vigorous primary fermentation could drive off a lot of the flavor.  Add to the keg or to the fermenter after fermentation has settled down.

10 Madagascar Bourbon Planifolia Extract Grade B Vanilla Beans 6-7 inches

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