15% Off Cool Brewing Fermentation Bags

Get 15% off Cool Brewing Fermentation Bags when you use promo code STAYCOOL15.

from More Beer: With our Cool Brewing Fermentation Bags, you can keep your fermentation temperatures as much as 30°F below ambient this summer! So don’t stop brewing just because it’s hot out; use promo code STAYCOOL15 and save 15% off our Cool Brewing Fermentation Bags.

Check it out – Here
This Bundles with More Beer’s Father’s Day Sale Discounts.  Both sales end soon.

One thought on “15% Off Cool Brewing Fermentation Bags

  1. Cody Westlund

    I recently lost a battle to my swamp cooler. It’s a 20 gallon storage bin that I put my carboy in along with water. I tried rotating 5 frozen water bottles a few times a day but I couldn’t keep up and I couldn’t get the temp low enough. This would be a good option for me.


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