GigaYeast Double Pitch Vermont IPA Yeast [Conan Yeast Strain]


From the product description: “The Vermont IPA strain from Giga has a strong, growing following if you search the web. The problem is the supply has not been able to keep up with demand. MoreBeer! worked with Giga to get all they could produce and was able to offer this product via mail order for the first time.”

Some Heady Topper clone recipes suggest this yeast.  Although the official description doesn’t say this… many believe that this is the Conan strain of yeast.

This is a double pitch (200 Billion cells) pouch.  Read more about that and this strain on the product page.

Idea: Brew MoreBeer’s Brewmaster Series Pliny the Elder Recipe [See: Brewing Pliny] and use GigaYeast Double Pitch Vermont IPA Yeast as your yeast or use this yeast with MoreBeer’s Heady Topper Clone Recipe – “Topped With Hops” available in both all grain and extract.

GigaYeast Double Pitch – Vermont IPA Yeast GY054 – Shipping is free with a $59 order

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Brewing More Beer’s Pliny the Elder Kit!Brewing MoreBeer’s Pliny the Elder Kit!


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      Agreed. It only makes sense if you’re buying a bunch of other stuff with it. Otherwise, free shipping would be a much better deal than 20% off.


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