STC-1000 Dual Stage Temp Controller

The STC-1000 is a very popular homebrewing temperature controller.  This is a dual stage controller.  That means it has the ability to control both a heating and cooling device.  Great for a kegerator or a fermentation chamber/deep freeze.  110 volt version, reads in deg C.

Elitech 110V All-Purpose Temperature Controller + Sensor 2 Relay Output Thermostat Stc-1000

1___ball_lock_keg_system_with_picnic_front_aihPictured: Ball Lock Kegging System from AIH

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6 thoughts on “STC-1000 Dual Stage Temp Controller

  1. Anonymous

    If you want something a bit heavier gauge (but free), you can also take the power cords from a PC or computer monitor….usually PLENTY of those lying around.

  2. Adam

    I use 6″ – 12″ extension cords. Cut them, and wire them up to this, works pretty well and provides a female end to plug the heater/keezer to and male end to connect to other extension cord or outlet. That way you aren’t damaging your cords and good extension cords. I bought a pack of 5 on amazon for $8.

  3. Anonymous

    Using one to run my freezer fermentation chamber. Using a paint can heater to keep my Pale Ale at 65 degrees right now. Great little controller for the price. FYI, the relay contacts in these are rated for 15 amps @ 120v AC. The 10 amp rating is for 250v AC. So you should be able to use this to run anything you would plug into a standard 120v outlet, provided you use the appropriate wire size.

  4. Anonymous

    How easy is it to hook one of these up to a FermWrap? I really don’t wanna be messing with any wires or anything… so if this isn’t plug & go I’ll probably have to suck it up and buy a Johnson or something…

    1. Chris Brewer

      Looks like a Johnson controller is for you then, because there is a bit of wiring on this one. The post links to a STC-1000 build so you can get an idea of what’s behind it.


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