Used 5 Gallon Whiskey Barrels

Used 5 Gallon Whiskey Barrel

Used 5 gallon whiskey barrel made from American white oak.  Charred on the inside.  Includes barrel stand and stopper.  Use to age your homebrew in to impart whiskey and oak flavor.

5 Gallon Used Whiskey Barrel

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4 thoughts on “Used 5 Gallon Whiskey Barrels

  1. Tony Ashdown

    Has anybody received anything from this vendor before? Has anyone who bought this barrel received anything detailing shipping or anything from him? I got my Paypal confirmation but nothing from the vendor. Starting to make me wonder if this is a scam.

    1. Chris Brewer

      He doesn’t have a sophisticated cart or order tracking, but this is a legit site. You should be good to go. I’d send him an email in you want more info.


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