More Beer: Keg and Carboy Cleaner – $89.99 Shipped

mark ii keg and carboy washer

Mark’s Keg & Carboy Washer is designed to clean and sanitize a good bit of your homebrewing gear.  It cleans and sanitizes… Kegs (including liquid post and dip tube), Carboys, Fermenters (including Speidels), tubing, parts and more.  It’s light and easy to store, most everything nests to together in the base.  Includes a 520 gallon per hour pump.  I have this and like it very much.  Check out my Hands on Review.

With a simple fitting this also functions as a recirculating draft line cleaning pump.

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Keg & Carboy Washer KEG300 – $99 $89.99 + Free Shipping

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3 thoughts on “More Beer: Keg and Carboy Cleaner – $89.99 Shipped

  1. EchoTony

    @SethMcClain: I have no trouble with my 5 gallon carboys with handles. It does take a touch of fiddling with to get right, but it’s really not in the way at all. Is yours the Mark II? I don’t know what the difference is, but I have a Mark II and can use it with the handles on the carboys.
    The first few times, I took the carboy stand off the washer, and placed it around the neck of the carboy, then slid all of it over the pump’s post. Then I attached the “feet” to the washer. That worked well, but holding the carboy upside down while getting the feet to click into place wasn’t going to be a good idea over the long term.
    Then I noticed that you could just slip it through the center hole while placing it on the post and stand, and fold back the handle (toward the center arch. It takes a bit of twisting and moving, but it goes on. I haven’t tried my 6.5 carboy with the large handle, so that might not work. But with the 5 gallon, no problem.

    I LOVE this thing. I have now saved at least 25 gallons of water with my first 5 uses – 3 kegs and 2 carboys. I need to get some hose so I can use it with the posts on the kegs and use the add on hose adapter. Right now I’m pulling out my posts and washing seperately. That’s another step I want to elimiate/reduce (reduce the number of times I disassemble each keg).

    Overall, this is a great addition. You can make one yourself for under $25, but it won’t work as well and you will need to hunt for parts. For what you get here, it’s worth buying the ready made item. The way it all just works is fantastic.

  2. Seth McClain

    I’ve got one of these units and I dig it. The only problem I have is that my carboy handles make the carboys not sit right on it.

    Anyone have any simple tricks for getting around that?


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