Great Deal: 13 Gallon Food Safe Drums for Fermenters and Grain Storage

13 Gallon HDPE Food Safe Fermenter Grain Storage

13 gallon food safe containers via eBay. Drill a 1/2″ hole in the lid and add an airlock grommet [Search: Airlock Grommet] and you’re up and going with a 13 gallon fermenter. You could also use this as a food safe 13 gallon grain storage container. At an estimated 5 lbs per gallon, these would hold approximately 65 lbs of grain. These are pre-used barrels. They were used to hold pharmaceuticals.

from HBF Reader Aaron: “I own one of these, they do have an o-ring and work great for storing grain or fermenting in.”

These are selling for $20 + $19 Shipping.  The seller will combine shipping for multiple items (contact the seller for actual USPS charges).  Or… if you live in or around Rancho Cucamonga, California you can arrange for local pickup.

Home Brewing Beer Fermenter 13 Gallons HDPE 2 – $20

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11 thoughts on “Great Deal: 13 Gallon Food Safe Drums for Fermenters and Grain Storage

  1. Mattcrecelius

    I put a 50lb sack in one with plenty of space left over. It maybe filled 3/4 of the container.

    Wolfger, these are easily 13.5 gallons. This is a great deal. I would recommend to anyone. The handles are even strong enough to carry 10 gallons of liquid.

    I bought the bucket spigot from and converted one of them to a fermentor.

  2. Chris Brewer

    I contacted the seller and was also told it was inches not cm. I was also assured that these are a full 13 gallons. They look identical to the ones that anonymous 7:46 linked to, so they may be even larger.

  3. Wolfger

    Whoa. On second look, the lid is 11 cm diameter, so no way it this thing even close to 10 gallons. The picture listing 50 cm appears to actually be the circumference. BAD deal!

  4. Wolfger

    I did the math (because I’m skeptical of anything on eBay), and these are not 13 gallons by the dimensions listed. They are not even 11 gallons, and that’s not taking taper into account. pi*r-squared where r is 25 cm, times total height of 21 cm would be a hair under 10.9 gallons, but it’s not 50 cm diameter at the lid, either.

    1. Chris Brewer

      This seller has been around for a long time and lots of homebrewers have these 13 gallon containers. I wouldn’t be surprised if the measurements were wrong. There are a few typos that have been in the listing for a while. I’d ask someone who has one of these to weigh in or contact the seller directly to ask about it. Even if it is 10 gallons, which I am doubting as of right now, I still would not call this a bad deal.


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