Nikobrew: Boss Is Out Of Town Sale – 2012 Simcoe $20/lb – Limited Supply – Starts Saturday 6/1 at 9AM MST

From Nikobrew:

Hey Nikobrew fans,

Scott the Warehouse Enforcer here. Niko left town to go to a beer festival and left me here to keep the shop working over the weekend, the jerk. I’m sure he’s gonna spend a ton of money and probably bring home a ton of beer that he won’t want to share, so I’m thinking that I should raise some beer money of my own for the rest of the shop. So I’m putting some some 2012 crop Simcoe on sale while he’s gone. They’re just sitting there, so why not? Full pounds going for $20 until my on-hand stash is gone. Sale starts at 9AM MDT Saturday, June 1, exactly when Niko will be lining up for his first pint of the day. He’ll never even know it’s gone! Buy it quick before he sobers up. Help a fella out, will ya? Lets stock the warehouse breakroom with some quality suds and stick it to the man at the same time! The Warehouse Revolution will not be televised!

-Warehouse Enforcer Scott-

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