Great Deal: 20 Airlock Grommets

fermenter grommets

20 Airlock grommets.  Use for replacements to add an airlock port to the vessel of your choice.

This eBay offering gets you 20 grommets for $5.99 with free shipping.  That figures to just 30 cents per grommet shipped.  They are designed to fit a  drilled 1/2″ hole leaving a 3/8″ size opening for the airlock of your choice.

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One thought on “Great Deal: 20 Airlock Grommets

  1. Anonymous

    Airlock grommets suck. Instead of using these, and pushing them into your beer with depressing regularity, use a 1.25″ holesaw on your fermenter lids, and put your airlocks in #7 stoppers. Not only will you never push one into your beer, you can simply pull the airlock to get in with a thief or an autosiphon – no more need to pull the whole lid to take a gravity sample or to transfer to your keg or bottling bucket.


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