Homebrewing and Craft Beer iPhone App Super Roundup!

A roundup of many of the major iPhone/iPad/iPod/iOS/iThing apps out there!

Are there other apps that you find useful for brewing or enjoying craft beer?  Add a comment or send an email.  I’ll update this post as necessary.  Also leave a comment to let us know what you like and don’t like about these apps and how you use them for homebrewing and craft beer drinking.

AlcCal – 99 cents
Alcohol Calculator

Beer Alchemy Touch 2 - iPad - $19.99
Full featured recipe formulation and homebrewing app.  Syncs with the mac version of Beer Alchemy.

Beer Buddy Barcode Scanner - $3.99
Beer barcode scanner that pulls reviews and information from RateBeer. 

Beer Calories - iPad - free
Estimate Beer Calories

BeerChooser - iPad - free
“Using a simple one-click rating system, you teach BeerChooser what you like and what you don’t like.”

Beer Explorer - iPad - free
Database of over 5,000 beers

BeerNav - free
“Discover nearby beer places”

BeerProphet - iPad - 99 cents
Beer recommendation app

BeerSmith Lite - iPad - $3.99
iOS version of the extremely popular BeerSmith Software


BIABCalc - iPad - free
BIAB Water Calculator

BJCP Styles - iPad - free
This is a handy app gives a rundown of each BJCP beer style

BrewBot - iPad - $1.99
“Features ingredient data and 19 unique calculators”

BrewCalc - free
Collection of Brewing Calculators

Brewers Friend - $8.99
iPhone version of the popular web based recipe formulation and brewers tool site Brewer’s Friend.  Sign up for a free unlimited duration trial account of the web based version Here.

BrewerTimer - iPad - 99 cents
Hop Addition Timer

BreweryMap - $1.99
“Your pocket guide to breweries everywhere”

Brewing Assistant - iPad - 99 cents
Recipe formulation

Brewing Process iPad - $1.99
Overview of the Brewing Process from the Cicerone Certification Program

Brewium - iPad - $19.99
“Professional Home Brewing Instruction App”

BrewMajig Alcohol Calculator - $1.99
Track alcohol content of your beers

BrewMath - 99 cents
“BrewMath turns your iPod Touch or iPhone into a powerful pocket calculator for brewers.”

BrewPal - 99 cents
Full recipe formulation and brewing related calculators.

Brewski Me – $1.99
“Rate and track your favorite beers with Brewski Me, the beer drinking app!”  Thanks to HBF Twitter Follower Adam for recommending this app!

BrewTime - $1.99
Hop Addition Timer

BrewTimer - 99 cents
Set up your hopping schedule and BrewTimer kindly reminds you.

BrewTools - 99 cents
Collection of brewing calculators

BrewTroller Live - iPad - $1.99
“BrewTroller Live enables you to control your BrewTroller based brewery from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.”

BrewWatcher - iPad - $3.99
View BeerTools Pro Recipes on your iPhone/iPad.

Brew Your Own Magazine - iPad - free
Get one Issue for free.  Offers the ability to purchase single issues or subscribe to BYO Magazine in app.  Subscribe to the print edition Here

Convert Units - iPad - free
Not specifically a brewing app.  A handy unit conversion utility.

Find Craft Beer - 99 cents
Craft Beer Locator

Homebrewer Pro iPad - $4.49
“Comprehensive and advanced set of tools for the home beer maker”

Homebrewing-Tools - 99 cents
“Conversion and analysis software for the homebrewer”

HomeBrewTalk Mobile - iPad - free
Mobile version of HomeBrewTalk.com Forums.

Hops - $1.99
“Keep a log of beers you drink with Hops”

iBrewmaster - iPad - $9.99/$14.99
Full featured homebrewing app.  Recipe creation and tracking.  This app has a lot of features including 210 Northern Brewer recipes.  Check out the description for a full list of features.

IBU Calc - iPad  - free
IBU Calculator

IBUcalculator - free
IBU Calculator

iGrill - iPad - free
Not specifically a brewing app.  This allows you to wireless monitor mash, and other temperatures when used in conjunction with an iGrill Thermometer - single probe - dual probe

iHomeBrew - free
“Bring all your homebrew recipes with you!”

iKnurd – 99 cents
Navigate your local Flying Saucer Beer Bar with the official app.  Thanks to HBF Twitter Follower Frank for recommending this app!

iPA Mobile – 99 cents
“iPA makes it easy to formulate and share beer recipes on your iPhone or iPod Touch. iPA helps you calculate your beer’s color, bitterness, and alcohol content and compare your beer to standard styles.”

KegMon - iPad - free
Track keg levels

Mr Malty Yeast Calculator - $4.99
An iOS version of Jamil Zainasheff’s excellent yeast pitching rate calculator.

My Brew - $1.99
Recipe Formulation, Ratings and Timers

PocketBrewer - free
Calculate Beer and Wine Alcohol content

Recipe Timer - $4.99
Not specifically a brewing app.  Track recipe steps and procedures.

RefracTool - 99 cents
Refractometer Brix to Gravity Calculations

Sparge Pal - free
Mash and sparge calculator

TapHunter - free
“The Craft Beer Finder”

Untappd - free
Access to Untappd Social Craft Beer Network.  Follow Homebrew Finds on Untappd

What to Brew - free
Suggests your next brew

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5 thoughts on “Homebrewing and Craft Beer iPhone App Super Roundup!

  1. Anonymous

    I use the brew pal app for recipes, brew timers, ferment timers, etc. Cheap and easy to use. Recent versions can even export and import recipes.

  2. EchoTony

    I use BrewPal and SpargePal on brew day. SpargePal is my go-to for sparge volumes and temps. It’s pretty good, and I normally hit my targets when I remember to enter the grain temp.
    BrewPal is OK. I like how it stores all the info, gives you the anticipated IBU, color, style, etc. Some things are annoying and you can’t tweek anything once you are brewing the recipe.

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