28 Quart Coleman Cooler

I have a very similar cooler, in fact I believe I have the exact same cooler.  If it is the same, it does not have a drain.  So, it probably wouldn’t make a great mash tun.  But it does make a good… cooler.  If you’re looking for a good mash tun cooler, check out this post.

Coleman 28-Quart Cooler with Molded-Handle

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3 thoughts on “28 Quart Coleman Cooler

  1. Jason

    It doesn’t have a drain on it (confirmed by one of the reviews) so it will make the ball valve attachment quite a bit tougher.

    1. Chris Brewer

      Per the post, I’m really just recommending this as a cooler to take beer around. You could certainly add a spigot, but I’d skip it and get something else for mash tun use. A link to that sort of a cooler is also in the post.


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