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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bell's General Store: Free Shipping for Orders over $30 for HBF Readers!

From: Bell's General Store:

To celebrate our sponsorship of, Bell’s General Store is offering free ground shipping to HBF Readers for all orders over $30.  Offer lasts until Saturday 9/29/2012.  

Includes ingredient kits, carboys and bottles!

Use this coupon code at checkout:  HBF20120929


  1. Awesome deal. I've been looking at getting some more 5 gallon glass carboys. Shipping is what usually kills the deal. $28 a piece with this deal!

  2. This is great. I just ordered a Carboy and 2L flask.

  3. :( I was going to place another order today, but the code is already expired.

    1. It's doesn't expire until tomorrow. I just tried it and it worked. I'd give it another try.


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