Dual Stage, Digital Temp Controller

This is a two stage controller.  It has the capability to control both a heating and a cooling source.

Technical Details

  • Bright 4-digit LED display that is perfect for all light conditions
  • Replaces Ranco ETC and Johnson Controls A419
  • Dual 20 amp relays
  • PTC temperature sensor included (-67 to 302 degrees F) with optional RTD sensor available (0 to 600 degrees f)
  • Easy programming with calibration and lock-out mode standard 

It’s worth noting that this is an unwired controller.  For your reference.. user manual & wiring guide.  If you’re looking for a wired controller, check out our temp controller roundup post.

Control Products TC-9102D-HV Dual Stage High Voltage Digital Temperature Controller

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One thought on “Dual Stage, Digital Temp Controller

  1. Scott

    I have this and love it. Getting it set up (wired and settings) is a bit challenging but once it’s running it’s awesome. Changing temperature for say stepping up during ferment isn’t super simple but once you understand how it works it’s not a problem.

    I built a simple paint can heater to take advantage of the dual stage function so I can ferment in winter without messing with my setup.

    I also built a junction box with a light switch (master power) and outlet (one hot and one cold) like one of the pictures show in the amazon listing. Makes it easy to mount and be able to turn off an on.


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