Top Find: Dual Stage Digital Temp Controller

This is a two stage controller meaning that it has the capability to control both a heating and a cooling source.

Technical Details

  • Bright 4-digit LED display that is perfect for all light conditions
  • Replaces Ranco ETC and Johnson Controls A419
  • Dual 20 amp relays
  • PTC temperature sensor included (-67 to 302 degrees F) with optional RTD sensor available (0 to 600 degrees f)
  • Easy programming with calibration and lock-out mode standard 

It’s worth noting that this is an unwired controller.  For your reference.. user manual & wiring guide.

Control Products TC-9102D-HV Dual Stage High Voltage Digital Temperature Controller

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One thought on “Top Find: Dual Stage Digital Temp Controller

  1. Scott

    I have this and it’s great. It’s not super easy to program or reprogram but for the cost and being dual-stage, it like it a lot. I have the cold running the fridge and a *paint-can heater* running the hot.


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