Buy a Cereal Killer Grain Mill, Get a FREE Recipe Kit

Cereal Killer Grain Mill

The Cereal Killer Grain Mill from Adventures in Homebrewing

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

Adjustable 2 roller grain mill with a 7lb hopper and metal base

1 Year Warranty on Mill.

  • To adjust, simply loosen two screws, adjust gap, tighten two screws.
  • Attach a drill easily: Remove the handle with one screw and attach drill, no adapter needed
  • Hardened steel roller size is 5″ long and 1.25″ diameter
  • The crank shaft has a 10mm diameter
  • It is suggested to run @ 300 RPM if motorized
  • Body is anodized aluminum for a lifetime worth of use
  • Rollers will adjust up to .100″
  • NOT designed for cracking/milling corn or soybeans!


  • Rollers Now Have Ball Bearing Design
  • Marked Adjustable Roller for Easy Adjustment
  • New improved handle- Now included with every mill


Why Mill Your Own Grain?  Milling your own grain… 1.  Gives you control over the crush of your grain.  That’s a big factor in efficiency.  2.  A mill allows you to fine tune for your equipment and process.  You know what the crush is going to be since you set it.  3.  A mill allows you to save money by buying whole bags of grain at a discount, and 3.  The shelf life of unmilled grain is longer than pre-milled grain.  Freshly milled grain = better tasting beer.

  • This is a great mill!  Check out my Hands on Review
  • This great mill is on sale for $99.99.
  • Stacks With Free Shipping!  Adventures in Homebrewing is offering free shipping on most orders of $55 or more with a few exclusions.

Free Beer Kit!

To celebrate National Beer Day AIH is throwing in a free beer kit of your choice (choose from three) when you spend $99 on qualifying merchandise!

Excludes MAP and EDLP items – terms. Playing around with the coupon it looks like it generally does not work with sale items.  Note that you have to add your choice of beer kit to your cart and use coupon code DRINKBEER.

FREE Beer KIt!

Cereal Killer Grain Mill

Motorize It! Motor Kit via AIH & Motor Kit via Valuebrew sale

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  1. Kevin

    I went to purchase the Cereal Killer grain mill because you listed it as 20% off. Applied the Funsingles coupon code, and said it was not eligible!! What’s the deal?

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Kevin, thanks for the heads up. You’re right it does not work with that coupon. I updated the post with a different promo. Cheers!


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