Announcing: ZyBorg 9.25 Gallon Brewing System

ZyBorg 9.25 Gallon Brewing System

ZyBorg 9.25 Gallon Brewing System via Adventures in Homebrewing

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ZyBorg Brewing System

Whether you’re an experienced all-grain brewer or new brewer, the innovative Brewer’s Best ZyBorg Automatic Brewing System is an absolute necessity in the new era of homebrew.

The 9.25 Gallon ZyBorg is portable, easy to use and you can brew anywhere with an adequate power source. Goes from your garage to your kitchen counter with ease!

  • Stainless steel with premium electrical components
  • 9.25 gallon (35L) capacity
  • Adjustable digital controller110V power
  • Magnetic drive pump for optimal circulation
  • Programmable mash scheduling
  • Bonus hop filter included!
  • Bonus immersion wort chiller included!
  • Bonus whirlpool arm included!
  • Bonus torpedo screen included!


  • Just released ZyBorg 9.5 Gallon Electric System!
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ZyBorg 9.25 Gallon Brewing System

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