Free TILT Hydrometer w/Grainfather Purchase!

For a limited time Adventures in Homebrew is throwing in a free TILT Bluetooth Hydrometer with the purchase of a Grainfather electric system.

Why the TILT is Awesome: Hands on Review: Tilt Bluetooth Fermentation Hydrometer!

BOTH Grainfather and TILT are under MAP agreements.

MAP = Minimum Advertised Price.  It’s an agreement between sellers and manufacturer’s not to sell an item below a certain price.  This gear generally sells for about the same price no matter where you purchase it from and is rarely discounted.

There are some exceptions, but generally speaking deals on either of these are few and far between.

The free TILT represents a $135 savings.  This is a great deal!

Free TILT with Grainfather Purchase! – use coupon code windmill

tilt review sale

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Price, promotions and availability can change quickly. Check the product page for current price, description and availability.