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Basic Wine Analysis Sample Kit

Basic Wine Analysis Sample Kit via Adventures in Homebrewing

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Basic Wine Analysis Sample Kit

The Basic Wine Analysis Sample Kit tests for titratable acidity, pH, and SO2. Additional tests can be added at Yeastman.com, including Brettanomyces, residual sugar, alcohol and malic acid. Take the kit home, fill with your wine sample with the equipment we provide, and send back the results in our postage-paid box. Results from our in-house laboratory will come quickly!


How do these kits work?

Each kit contains a numbered sterile bottle. Fill the bottle with your sample, log on to Yeastman.com to enter your sample info, place the prepaid shipping label on the box and send it back to White Labs. Your results will be emailed to you shortly after its return.

Do I do the testing at home?

All of the testing is done in the analytical laboratory at White Labs. All you need to do is fill up the sample bottle and enter your information online.

What if I want more tests than comes with the kit?

When you log into Yeastman-dot-com to enter your sample information, you will then have the option to add on additional tests. If something you’re looking for is not listed, you can always give us a call or write us.


This kit comes with directions, a sterile sample bottle and a pre-paid label.  You take a sample of your wine and send it to White Labs for analysis at their analytical laboratory.

Wine Analysis Sample Kit

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