Gluten Free Homebrewers – Save $200 on Grainfather, Get a Mesh Screen & Free GF Homebrew Kit

Why Gluten Free?

A notable percentage of people have some motivation to reduce or completely eliminate gluten intake.  Reasons vary from dietary choice to gluten sensitivity to serious medical conditions including auto-immune diseases like Celiac Disease.  This may describe you or a friend or family member.

Although commercial gluten free and reduced options are increasing in number, they are still few and far between.  That’s even more true when it comes to gluten free homebrewing supplies.  Only a few homebrew shops carry supplies and those supplies are generally slim.

Enter Gluten Free Home Brewing.  GFHB is a shop dedicated to offering gluten free supplies and brewing resources.  Cross contamination is an issue for those with more serious allergy-like conditions.  GFHB is dedicated gluten free so there is no risk of CC with gluten containing ingredients.

Ingredient offerings include – malted gluten free grains… malted millet (pale, CaraMillet, crystal millet, medium, chocolate, dark roasted), buckwheat malt from Grouse Malting Company and Eckert Malting’s malted rice – crystal, amber, James’ brown, dark, gas hog, biscuit – and more.  Along with ready made recipe kits (both extract and all grain) hops, yeast and more.

Gluten Free Home Brewing also offers how-tos, tutorials on GF Brewing along with a recipe sharing platform.


For Father’s Day Gluten Free Homebrewing is discounting Grainfather Systems by $200, including a free mesh screen and including a free GF homebrew recipe kit.

The mesh screen is a must for GF brewers since GF grains tend to be smaller and clog the Grainfather. The free GF recipe kit is a big savings as GF ingredients are expensive.

Grainfather – save $200 + free mesh screen & free GF recipe kit

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