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Buon Vino Mini Jet Filter

Buon Vino Mini Jet Filter from Adventures in Homebrewing

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Buon Vino Mini Jet Wine Filter

The Buon Vino Mini Jet has been designed with the small batch winemaker in mind. It is the perfect way for the homebrewer to create a beautiful “professional” looking wine. The Buon Vino Mini Jet filters 23L (5 Gallons) at a time from kits. Its compact design incorporates a self-prime motorized pump capable of filtering up to 20 liters in 15 minutes.

A built-in drip tray and drainage tube ensure a no mess, no fuss clean-up job. Using triple filter pads add a crystal clear, sparkling quality to your wine.

Technical Specifications:
Self-prime pump incorporated motor filtering surface 465 square cm
Filtering time: 15 minutes per 20 liters (approximate)
Uses 3 grades of pads: coarse, polish, and sterilizing
Dimensions: 30 cm (length) x 14 cm (width) x 18 cm (height)
Weight: 3 kilograms
C.S.A. approved
Using Your Mini Jet -Watch The Video! Learn how to filter your wine perfectly every time with the Buon Vino Mini Jet Wine Filter. Step-by-step instructions to help you achieve brilliance, sparkle and a wine you will be proud to serve!


Common Trouble Shooting:

Q: Why Should I use “Buon Vino” Filter Pads?
A: You should use Buon Vino Filter Pads because the micron sizes and consistency of Buon Vino Filter Pads have been designed to give optimal performance when used with Buon Vino wine filters. The flow rate of the pump is designed to work in conjunction with the Buon Vino Filter Pads to give you the best filtration possible. For more information, please visit the Filter Pads page.

Q: When and how do I lubricate the gears on the Mini Jet Pump?
A: On rare occasion, if the Mini Jet has been run dry or has overheated, it may be necessary to lubricate the gears.

Q: I have air going into my pump and my wine is foaming.
A: There are 3 possibilities…1. The wine is very young and carbon dioxide (CO2) is present. The pump will release this gas simply due to the action of the pump. The release of CO2 from the wine is a good thing; most kits recommend agitating the wine to help release this gas. 2. You have removed the port fitting (black connector on the intake of the pump). We recommend that this fitting should not be removed. If you have done to make sure that the O ring has not been crimped and that it is fully inserted into the intake hole of the pump. 3. The intake hose is vinyl and can expand. Cut approximately 1/2 inch to 1 inch off the end of the hose and re-insert the hose. This will create a better seal at that point and not allow any air intake.

Q: Wine is leaking too much out of the pads.
A: 1. Please read the sheet that is supplied with the filter on suggestions and recommendations. 2. If you did not rack your wine and you have sediment at the bottom you may be drawing up some of the sediment and clogging the pads quickly. Rack your wine before filtering. 3. Identify the style and density of the wine you are making. Each batch is different and can also clear at different times. Red wines, due to the color, are much harder to identify. Never start filtering with the hose at the bottom of the carboy. Insert your hose about half way and gradually force it towards the bottom of the carboy. Do not allow the line to empty. This will make the pump run dry, potentially damaging your pump. 4. What type of wine are you making? Some wines clear faster than others and some types are heavier especially reds. If you are making a heavy red wine you may need to filter with the #1 pad which is coarser. Please read the Suggestions and Recommendations sheet supplied with the product. 5. Lubricate your tightening bolts at the thread with petroleum jelly or food grade grease. This gives the better ability for the hand wheels to tighten down on the filter area.

Q. I need a new motor. The back fan is not turning and my pump is not working. This problem is identified by a buzzing sound coming from the motor, but your fan at the rear of the unit is not turning.
A. This is a problem which most users of the Mini Jet will not encounter. It is caused by a gear inside the pump becoming stuck due to failure to flush out the pump properly after the last filtering session, oak chips becoming trapped between the gears, or allowing the pump to run dry.


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