New Brewfather Features! + Get a FREE Non-Expiring Trial Account

Brewfather is a modern app designed for your computer and smart phone.

Brewfather has announced loads of updates!

Recent updates bring new integrations, languages, and continuous improvements to Brewfather!
The new integrations are devices (similar to Tilt and iSpindel) that reads your gravity and temperature during fermentation, check them out:

📡 New integrations

  • ​Brewbrain Float Hydrometer​ (floating hydrometer and thermometer)
  • ​DIY Floaty Hydrometer

⚡ New features

  • Added support for French, Slovak, Czech and Greek language (If you want to help translate to your language, send an email to
  • Fermenter Volume before top-up now shows in batch summary
  • Added name field to fermentation profile steps
  • Added support to sign in with Apple (for web and iOS client)
  • Added support to sign in with Google and Facebook for app clients
  • Improved PDF print to include full notes and batch notes
  • New time picker for selecting hour and minutes
  • Improved GF integration beta:
    • Added button for delayed start
    • Clarified PUMP/HEAT on/off buttons
    • Added skip stage button
    • Fixed setting boil time not working
  • Time and date settings in the settings page allows to set 24H or 12H time format, and type of date input (ISO8601 and others)

As of this posting, for a limited time, Brewfather is offering a free non-expiring trial.  You get a full premium membership for 30 days and a limited membership after that time period.  Check Brewfather for current availability and details.

FREE Non-Expiring Brewfather Trial Account!

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