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Propper Seltzer Yeast Nutrient

Propper Seltzer Yeast Nutrient via Adventures in Homebrewing

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We’d like to introduce you to a new product we’ve added to our lineup that is geared towards helping brewers make quality hard seltzers quickly and easily!

Propper Seltzer™ is a yeast nutrient used to brew hard seltzers, which are typically 100% sugar-based. One packet powers any beer, champagne or distillers yeast through a healthy sugar-based fermentation in as few as 7 days, worry free. Even faster results are possible if you use Omega Yeast kveik strains. For example Lutra™ Kveik can complete fermentation with Propper Seltzer nutrient in as few as 4 days!

One pack provides gluten free yeast nutrient for 5 gallons of sugar base at 1.060 (15°P) or lower.

Add sugar to hot water and stir to dissolve. Boil for 10 min, measure your gravity and adjust as needed. Once the desired gravity is reached, turn off your heat source and add the Propper Seltzer yeast nutrient. Transfer the sugar base to the fermenter at desired fermentation temp. Aerate by shaking or oxygenating. Pitch your favorite Omega Yeast strain and let it get to work!

Use with these strains (or any traditional strain):

  • Lutra Kveik (OYL-071)
  • Hornindal Kveik (OYL-091)
  • Voss Kveik (OYL-061)
  • Espe Kveik (OYL-090)


  • Making hard seltzer is easy.  One of the only tricks is getting the right nutrients.  Propper Seltzer Yeast Nutrient is designed to do just that.
  • This just released nutrient mix is selling for $5.99.
  • Adventures in Homebrewing has a wide selection of recipe kits including Mighty Swell, Truly and White Claw Clones.  Prices start at just $19.99.
  • Get Free Shipping!  Adventures in Homebrewing is offering free shipping on most orders of $55 or more to addresses in the contiguous US.
  • An easy filler item if you need help qualifying for free shipping… 4 lbs of PBW (a good deal at $23.99)

Propper Seltzer Yeast NutrientSeltzer Making Kits & Clones

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