Announcing: HBU Pellet Hop Packs at Adventures in Homebrewing

HBU Pellet Hop Pack

From AIH:

Adventures in Homebrewing is reintroducing the best way to bitter your homebrew, the Home Bittering Unit. 95% of AIH recipes are configured to use HBU hop pellet packs for bittering. Use of HBU guarantees that from batch to batch of homebrew and from harvest to harvest of hops, the recipe you brew from AIH will have 100% consistent bittering.

Hop bines grow in Alpha Acids from year to year until the plant is split. That means one year a hop like saaz which is normally 3-4% AA might grow to 5% or 7% before the plant is split and the AA reduces back to normal range. What this means for your beer is inconsistency in bittering. Adventures is removing this uncertainty/need to manually calculate IBU’s with each batch, so that you can brew with confidence and certainty that the beer you made last year, or even years ago is the same as the beer your brewing toady!

Hop Effect Hop Resins from Adventures in Homebrewing.  CO2 hop extract is pure resin extract of hops containing alpha acids, beta acids and hop oils. Use Hop Effect syringes during the boil to provide bitterness, flavor and/or aroma

HBU Pellet Hop Packs

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