Omega Yeast OYL218… All The Bretts – $6.99 + Free Ship Eligible

Omega Yeast 218 All The Bretts

Omega Yeast 218 All The Bretts via Adventures in Homebrewing

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Omega Yeast All The Bretts


Species: Brettanomyces and Blends
Fermentation Temp Range (Degrees F): 70-85 Degrees F
Apparent Attenuation Range (%): 85+%
Flocculation: Low
Alcohol Tolerance: 0.11
Cell Count: 150 Billion

Pitching/Fermentation: An evolving blend of many of the Brett strains in our collection. Use in secondary and expect high attenuation and a fruity and funky complexity that continues to develop over time.


Update: Now with 50% more yeast!

Omega Yeast 218 All The Bretts + Complete Lineup Omega Yeast Labs Yeast sale

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