6 Gallon – Better Bottle Compatible – PET Carboy – On Sale For… $13.99

6 Gallon PET Carboy

6 Gallon PET Carboy from Adventures in Homebrewing

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Durable and light weight, this 6 gallon PET plastic carboy makes a great primary or secondary fermenter. It is made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic, is BPA free, and will not transfer flavors from one batch to the next. This carboy is comparable to Better Bottle carboys and compatible with Better Bottle parts and accessories.

Easy to clean and sanitize
Lighter than glass

BPA Free

Takes #10 Rubber Stopper or Medium Universal Stopper

See-through plastic

This carboy takes a medium universal stopper, much larger than the stopper that fits glass carboys. To use this bottle as a fermenter, you will need to add a stopper and airlock.


  • As of this posting, AIH has this on sale for $13.99.  That’s a bargain.
  • No coupon code is necessary.  If this deal is still going on, you’ll see the sale price on the product page.
  • Shipping is an additional cost based on  your location.  Because of minimum shipping charges, it may make sense to buy multiples or place a generally larger order.  This can spread out shipping costs among multiple items and bring the per item shipping cost down.

6 Gallon PET Carboy

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