Buy a Craft Series Clone Kit and Help Support Independent Breweries

Pictured: Rock House Brewery’s Logo via Brewer Dude’s Uncle Jon’s Brown Ale Kits

The Craft Beer Kit series from Brewer Dude.

About the Craft Kit Lineup, from Brewer Dude:  “Big Beers” encroachment into the craft of independent breweries is no joke. Many of our cherished and most popular brands are now under the ownership of global beverage companies. The power of big beer to control what you see on the store shelves is surely felt by the small breweries trying to promote their product.
In the spirit of preserving the craft and culture of independent breweries we launched our Craft Brew Kit program. We will showcase different independent breweries and their beers in our catalog and website.

With their cooperation, we present to you popular beer from the brewery that you can make at home. A portion of your purchase will go directly to the brewery, supporting the working families and entrepreneurs that keep craft beer alive and well.”

There you have it, buy one of these kits, get a commercial beer recipe directly from the brewery and help support independent craft beer!

Craft Kits at Brewer Dude!

Would you like to see your favorite craft beer in this lineup?  Let’s help grow Brewer Dude’s selection and in turn support independent beer!  Contact your favorite independent brewer and ask them to get with Brewer Dude to be a part of this program.  Also let Brewer Dude know what breweries and beers you’d like them to work with.  Better yet, work this from both sides and let your favorite independent brewer know about this program AND contact Brewer Dude.

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