Save an Additional 10% on ThermoWorks Purchases!

Pictured: Thermapen Mk4

About the Mk4: The stellar Thermapen Mk4 thermometer boasts a number of outstanding features including – auto rotating display, auto off with intelligent sleep and wake modes, intelligent backlight -standard, 3,000 hour battery life (now uses easy to find AAA batteries!), 3 second read times, accuracy to +- .7 deg F and… Waterproof! to IP66/67 standard.  The Mk4 is the best thermometer I own.  Check out my Hands on Review

We’re proud to closely partner with ThermoWorks.  They produce outstanding products and have stellar customer support.

ThermoWorks loves HBF Readers and Visitors!  They have issued us a number of one time use coupon codes that will give you an additional 10% off your purchase.  That’s an additional 10% off, no limits, no exclusions.  It stacks with any other non-coupon promotion or sale.  Note: Although the Mk4 is shown above, this applies to everything, sitewide at ThermoWorks.

Please only request a code if you’re certain you’re going to make a purchase.  Each code is unique.  Note: I’m getting some questions wondering if this is still going on, since this is an older post… It IS still going on.  I have codes available.

To get a code – send me an email – this is a special address for this purpose.

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