$30 Off Behmor Drum Coffee Roaster w/William’s Black Friday Sale

About the Behmor Drum Roaster, from William’s Brewing: “The Behmor 1600 Plus Roaster can roast 1/4 to 1 pound of green coffee at a time, making it the largest capacity home coffee roaster available. Now upgraded with a more programmable presets and improved chaff tray, this is the best value in a home drum roaster. The Behmor features a patent-pending catalytic converter technology smoke reducer, although if you roast 1 pound of coffee at a time, smoke will be produced, so put this in a well vented area when using. When comparing to the Gene Cafe drum roaster, the Behmor has less visibility of the roasting coffee, more capacity, and less ability than the Gene Cafe to achieve really dark roasts.”

As of this posting, William’s Brewing is taking up to $50 off most orders via their Black Friday Sale.  That applies to this roaster.  You’ll save $30.  That makes it $294.99. Check William’s Brewing for current availability.

BEHMOR 1600 PLUS DRUM ROASTER  | William’s Brewing Black Friday Sale

Check sale or product page for current availability & pricing

Coffee is a fermented (after beans are harvested) drink that can be roasted at home.

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