ChefAlarm Thermometer/Timer Combo Sale at ThermoWorks + Hands On Review


The ChefAlarm from ThermoWorks (the folks behind the nearly universally lauded Thermapen) is a great Thermometer and Timer Combo for homebrewing.  It tracks both highs and lows, has both high and low alarms and has a built in timer.  It has an easy to read screen with backlight.  Check out my Full Hands on Review for more info.  I recommend the immersible Pro-Series Needle Probe or the longer 12″ (non-immersible) probes, both are available on the accessories tab.

As of this posting, ThermoWorks has marked down the ChefAlarm to $49.  That’s a 16% savings.  Pro Series probes are also marked down 20%.  I recommend considering the Pro Series needle probe for homebrew applications.  Check ThermoWorks for up to the minute price and availability.

 ThermoWorks ChefAlarm | Pro Series Probes

Update: Since this post was published the price, availability or promotion has changed.  Check the product page, sale page or ThermoWorks Sale Page for up to the minute description, price and availability.

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