10 x Stick on Fermenter Thermometers – $10.90, $1.09 Each + Free Shipping

10 PK Fermenter Adhesive Crystal Strip Aquarium StickOn Thermometer 46-82F 8-28C

10 x Fermenter Self Adhesive Stick on fermenter thermometers.  Displays 46-82 deg F (8-28 deg C).

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You are bidding on a 10-pack of LCD fermenter thermometers. This sleek adhesive LCD fermenter thermometer accurately measures temperatures between 46-82F, or 8-28C (both celsius and fahrenheit scales are displayed). Water resistant design adheres to curved surfaces easily. Never worry about the temperature of your fermenting beer, wine or kombucha again – this crystal strip thermometer is the only one you’ll need. Also works great for aquariums! Includes removable protective plastic film.

Stick on thermometers indicate the current temperature by the square on the thermometer that turns to green. If green is not visible, the temperature will be midway between the indicators that are illuminated tan and blue as follows. The colors are seen in reverse order as the temperature cools.
By placing this adhesive thermometer on your beer, wine or cider carboy, or on your kombucha fermenter, you’ll easily be able to tell the temperature of your liquid. This stickon thermometer also has a thin film that peels off and allows the thermometer to stick to the chamber in which you will ferment.


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10 PK Fermenter Adhesive Crystal Strip Aquarium StickOn Thermometer 46-82F 8-28C

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