New: 7 Gallon “Cornical” System from Blichmann Engineering – Ferment, Carbonate, Serve


from Great Fermentations… A full conical fermenter that utilizes a cornelius keg design for fermentation, carbonating and serving, from the minds at Blichmann Engineering! Introducing the Cornical, a fermentation system that combines the best features of a professional grade stainless steel conical fermenter with an easy-to-use, compact cornelius keg! With this fermentation system, you can ferment in the cornical, take samples with the included racking arm and attached sampling port, check volume of the cornical, and dump or harvest yeast. Once the beer is fermented and yeast removed, you can then proceed to carbonating your beer in the same vessel. No racking required!

This complete system comes with the modular keg and the fermentation kit, so you have all the fittings and tubing you need to ferment, carbonate and serve beer right out of the box! If you would like to use the fermentation kit on subsequent batches while serving the one batch of beer from the keg, you can buy additional Cornical kegs. Get as many as you need to keep the beer fermenting and flowing. The fermentation kit is also sold separately, if needed. Do it all like the pros do with the Cornical from Blichmann Engineering!

Great Fermentations is located in the fine state of Indiana.  As such they seem to have a mind meld going on with Blichmann Engineering.  They probably all hang out at basketball games and such.  I imagine some level of frolicking is involved.  Anyway GF is quick on the uptake with regards to Blichmann Gear.  For example… check out their extensive line of replacement parts.

Along those lines, they already have Blichmann’s new cornical listed and available to purchase.

Blichmann Cornical 7 Gallon Conical Fermenter System

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