Taylor 4 Event Whiteboard Timer – Time Hop and Boil Additions

Taylor 4 Event Kitchen Timer with Whiteboard, Large

4 Event Whiteboard Timer by Taylor Precision Products

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

  • This multi-function digital timer can track up to four separate events, each with its own distinct alarm to aid in identification.
  • A .75-Inch LCD readout provides a clear, easy-to-read display that can be read from across the kitchen.
  • A extra-large whiteboard and dry-erase markers can display recipes, label timer events, and more.
  • Mounts with a magnet or stand, allowing the timer to function in a wide range of environments.
  • Requires two (2) AAA batteries (included).

Use to time hop and other boil additions on brew day and more.  The whiteboard lets you document each addition.

Taylor Precision Products Four-Event Kitchen Timer with Whiteboard (Large)

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1 thought on “Taylor 4 Event Whiteboard Timer – Time Hop and Boil Additions

  1. Ron

    Just used this for the first time. Great to have a countdown for each hop edition, and didn’t forget to add the whirlfloc this time!


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