Reader Tip: Up to 30% Off Brand New, NSF Certified Kegs!

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Great Fermentations is discounting new kegs by up to 30% for “The Big Game”.  Both 3 and 5 gallon sizes are available starting at just $79.99.  These are also eligible for $8.99 flat rate shipping.  That means as many kegs as you want ship for $8.99.  Or… Add on a Pliny clone kit (those also qualify for flat rate).  No coupon code is required, but this is a short sale.

About the 5 Gallon Kegs

from Great Fermentations – “You asked for ’em, you got ’em! These brand new ball lock cornelius kegs hold 5 gallons of your delicious homebrew! Made of high quality stainless steel to operate at a maximum working pressure of 130 PSI, these kegs are NSF certified, ensuring they are up to strict sanitation standards. The kegs have a single metal handle for ease of carrying and pouring, which is great for cleaning and sanitation. The gas and liquid posts are 11/16″ size, with universal poppets. The keg lids have a standard pressure relief valve. They are roughly 26 inches tall to the top of the handle and have a diameter of roughly 8.5 inches. These kegs are the perfect size for standard 5 gallon batches of homebrewed beer, soda, sparkling water…you name it. A great brand new keg, available now!”


Check it out – Big Game NEW Keg Sale

Check sale or product page for current availability & pricing

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